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Our Services

Services include:

Communications strategies
All communications problems are potential opportunities to redefine how people see your organisation. We work with you to analyse which of your business issues can be effectively addressed by changing the perceptions of your key stakeholders or target audience.

Corporate writing
We have extensive experience in corporate and financial reporting and writing. We can deliver fast, accurate, articulate and polished copy for annual reports, op-ed and thought leadership articles, newsletters, brochures and web sites.

Speechwriting & Presentations
We ensure your speaking engagements are snappy and substantive. We have years of experience in writing speeches and presentations for heads of intergovernmental organisations, senior officials, businessmen and legal and financial advisors.

Media relations & Media training
We draw on expertise developed as a journalist, foreign correspondent, editor and public relations consultant to craft targeted media opportunities to positively raise the profile of your business, or counter negative publicity.

Business-to-business proposals
We can help craft your proposals and pitches to highlight your key credentials, and we deliver within very tight deadlines. Business to business communication handled professionally by a business communication expert.

Internal communications
Do your employees and colleagues really understand their role in implementing your organisation’s strategy? We can help you identify the most effective ways of improving communications flows throughout your business or organisation.

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